VibrAlign 101-BH2-001 Belt Hog Replacement V-Guides

VibrAlign Belt Hog Replacement V-Guides


Minimizes Unscheduled Stops

Accurate, measures from the pulley grooves where the belts operate

Minimal Training Needed

Reduce bearing wear and vibration levels while extending bearing lifespan

Minimize Downtime

Use pulley groove as reference point

VibrAlign 101-BH2-001 Belt Hog Replacement V-Guides


The VibrAlign Belt Hog uses the pulley groove as the reference, allowing you to achieve a precise belt alignment which reduces wear, bearing failures and vibrations.With the Belt Hog you are never in doubt on whether your belt transmissions are aligned or not.

By using the groove as reference you will achieve a precise alignment which reduces belt wear, bearing failures and vibrations.

Belt Hog Pulley Alignment Tool


Squealing, shaking, out-of-line belts and pulleys are more than a nuisance. They’re the cause of expensive downtime, shortened equipment life, and inefficient operation. If you ever have those problems, it’s time to holler for the Belt Hog.

The Belt Hog makes it simple to align belts and pulleys. You won’t have to remove the belts to make quick, accurate adjustments over distances of 6″ to 20 feet. One person can accomplish an alignment with no training other than reading the short instruction manual.

Belt Hog mounts in the grooves-right where the power is transferred. Groove mounting makes it simpler to keep everything parallel. Belt guards can often be left on, and pulleys on shafts set in different directions can be aligned just as easily. Bright dual LASER beams let you know when you’ve got things straight.

Belt Hog Benefits:

This little 1.6-pound tool is a heavyweight when it comes to making things simple. You’ve heard of living high on the hog? Welcome to working high on the Hog.

Benefits of good alignment:

  • Reduces downtime
  • Extends belt and pulley life
  • Reduces vibration and belt noise
  • Minimizes unscheduled stops

Advantages of the Belt Hog:

  • Accurate, measures from the pulley grooves where the belts operate
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Fast, one person operation
  • No need to remove the belts
  • Measures vertical angle, horizontal angle and offset simultaneously
  • Measures distances from 6″ to 20 feet
  • Measures pulley diameters 3″ and larger

Belt Hog Alignment Procedure


The Belt Hog uses two LASER transmitter for projecting of LASER lines on the opposite LASER unit.

By adjusting the pulleys so that the laser line coincides with the reference line on the opposite LASER unit, the pulleys are aligned.

Mounting of the Belt Hog units:

  • Note: The magnets, which holds the unit to the pulley, are very strong.
    1. Do not pinch your fingers!
  • 1. Position both units with the spring action probes resting in the same groove on both pulleys and the units are facing each other as shown below.         VibrAlign100-BH2_6
  • When the units are mounted, turn on the LASERS.
    • Each LASER generates a line on the opposite unit.
    • When correctly aligned the lines coincide with the reference marks on the labels on both units.
    • If the belt transmission is mis-aligned, start by correcting the angular error.VibrAlign100-BH2_7
  • It is important that the pulleys are mounted correctly on the shafts and that the shafts are straight before starting the alignment process.
    • Wobbling or warped pulleys affects the alignment quality severely.
VibrAlign Belt Hog
VibrAlign 101-BH2-001 Belt Hog replacement V-Guides
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