VibrAlign Fixturlaser Dials Kit

The Fixturlaser Dials Kit is a unique dial indicator kit designed specifically for use with an Android or iOS system for Shaft Alignment. The app is downloadable for free to anyone owning an Android (Play) or iOS device (iTunes). For users utilizing the Fixturlaser Dials Kit, the app automatically calculates all bar sag, eliminating the most common shaft alignment error. The HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) follows the same intuitive graphics and icon based programming of the Fixturlaser brand laser alignment systems utilizing the special Vertizontal Alignment process.

Fixturlaser Dials Kit is designed to perform reverse rim shaft alignments. Together with the Fixturlaser Dials App it performs dial indicator shaft alignment calculations as it guides the user through the reverse rim alignment process with process with its stunning 3D graphical interface. Two dial indicators are included. The two V-brackets come assembled with chains that will allow mounting on shafts up to 175 mm in diameter, 450 mm with optional extension chains.

 VibrAlign Fixturlaser Dials Kit
100-D1-TAB 100-D1

Fixturlaser Dials Kit
100-D1-TAB 100-D1-TAB

Fixturlaser Dials Kit w/ Android Tablet

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