VibrAlign Fixturlaser Laser Kit

The Fixturlaser Laser Kit brings a whole new economy and ease of use to laser shaft alignment!  This is made possible by replacing the display unit with a free Laser Kit alignment app that runs on the user’s iOS or Android device and communicates live with the laser sensors via Bluetooth. The live display means that you will get instant feedback when shimming or moving the machines.

Fixturlaser Laser Kit is designed as an economical solution to perform horizontal shaft alignments using two highly accurate laser transmitter-detectors and the free Laser Kit app mounted on the user’s mobile device.The app is designed to be installed on an iOS or Android mobile device, which replaces the traditional display unit. The app communicates with the laser transmitter-detectors via Bluetooth and performs all the alignment calculations. The V-Brackets come pre-assembled with chains and can be mounted on shafts up to 6 inches in diameter.  Extension chains are available to accommodate larger shafts.

VibrAlign Fixturlaser Laser Kit
100-D1-TAB 100-L1

Fixturlaser Laser Kit
100-D1-TAB 100-L1-TAB

Fixturlaser Laser Kit with Android Tablet

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