WeatherHawk Series 500 family of weather stations

Series 500 family of weather stations


The WeatherHawk Series 500 family of weather stations measure and record wind speed and direction, air temperature and relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, and rain. In addition, the system calculates and exports an evapotranspiration (ET) value that can be used by third party systems for irrigation control. They are designed for applications where a minimal visual impact, high reliability, and a long interval between routine servicing are significant factors in the decision to purchase. The standard Series 500 system incorporates an integral 3 AHr battery pack and can be interfaced with an optional solar panel for high reliability applications.

The Series 500 family is fully compatible with all versions of software, data management, input power and mounting accessories designed for the WeatherHawk Signature Series. It is also backwards compatible with all third party certified software drivers.

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