XiTron XT560B Digital Milliohmmeter

 XiTron XT560B Digital Milliohmmeter

The XT560 Digital Milliohmmeter is ideal for reliable, accurate, low-resistance measurements using the standard 4-wire Kelvin technique.

The XT560 Digital Milliohmmeter is a dedicated, fully automatic instrument that selects the optimal test current, from 100nA to 100mA DC to accurately measure resistances from 10μΩ to 33MΩ. The XT560B will auto range between nine ranges, or can be manually set to a fixed range. The XT560B includes a set of Kelvin test clip leads for making four-terminal measurements.

The XT560 is ideal for measuring wiring or cable resistances, windings of motors or generators, lamp filaments, cable splices, wire-to-terminal resistances, heating elements, contact resistance of breakers or switches, connector quality/resistance, fuse resistances, transformers, and grounding connections.


XiTRON Technologies, founded in 1990, is the premier source of precision power testing and measuring equipment for industrial and consumer product development and manufacturing. XiTRON’s sophisticated technology provides companies the edge in design verification and product manufacturability. XiTRON is ISO9001-2000 certified, EN46001 registered and FDA (GMP820) compliant.

Four-Wire Measurement

The XT560 makes 4-wire resistance measurements as shown below in Figure 1. The source HI and LO leads apply a known, internal current source to the unknown resistance. The sense HI and LO leads measure the voltage across the unknown resistance.

Figure 1. Four-Wire Measurement Diagram.

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