XiTron XT9812 DC Electronic Load

XT9812 DC Electronic Load


XT9812 DC Electronic Load is a new generation product from XiTRON. The XT9812 is designed for LED driver or DC Power Supply applications. There is a special circuit that has been designed primarily for the LED driver. The design utilized high-performance semiconductors that are high speed and high accuracy, with resolutions of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA (the basic accuracy is 0.03%, the basic current rise speed is 2.5 A/us). The XT9812 has wide applications from production line settings to the engineering bench. Target markets include the following type of manufacturers and markets; LED driver, cell phone charger, cell phone battery, electronic vehicle battery, switching power supply and linear power supply manufacturers, research institutes, automotive electronics, aeronautics and astronautics, solar cells and fuel cell markets.

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