Yokogawa CW121-D-1/C6/SP1 Clamp-on Power Meter

CW121-D-1/C6/SP1 Clamp-on Power Meter


Yokogawa CW121-D-1/C6/SP1 Clamp-on Power Meter. Low-cost tools to support your energy conservation efforts
As energy conservation becomes increasingly important, we are pleased to present low-cost clamp-on power meters designed to meet user needs for simple tools capable of measuring power values and instantaneous values.

Useful features for energy conservation and power measurement

  • Periodically save data as often as once a second

Data can be saved as low as 1-second interval. This capability allows the CW120 Series to respond quickly to load fluctuations and measure transient responses in equipment.

  • Check equipment operating conditions

The CW121 Series has an instantaneous value filing function (enabling multiple data records to be saved in a single file when multiple measurements are taken) which is useful for determining equipment operating conditions.

  • Wiring error check function

This function helps ensure that measurement operations are correct.

  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple facilities

Multiple CW120 Series units can start and stop integration simultaneously through externally controlled I/O.

  • Works even with small electric energy values

Easily change the decimal position (the number of digits following the decimal point) and display unit (Wh, kWh, MWh, GWh) on the electric energy display.

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